Anyblend is the most powerful software solution for any projector warping and softedge blending requirements.

VIOSO Anyblend

Embedded warping and blending for any visual application like simulators, signage and information displays as well as performance driven interactive solutions

Edge blended projection integrated in Windows 7 and all applications

The versatility and flexibility is unrivalled: VIOSO Anyblend hooks into the Windows 7 desktop-applications and replaces their original appearance with a soft edge blended output across multiple projectors in native resolution.

VIOSO Anyblend is the most user friendly application on the market for creating seamless, scalable, high resolution displays utilizing up to 12 projectors from a single machine.

Using VIOSO’s patented camera technology edge blended projections can be realized in minutes with outstanding quality on any surface.

This is achieved effortlessly by connecting projectors and any live camera to a PC and running the fully automatic setup. VIOSO Anyblend is designed for use in control and conference rooms, shows, gaming, interactive signage and any application that needs scalable and flexible high resolution displays. The hugely versatile VIOSO Anyblend enables the projection onto planar and curved screens, cylinders, spheres or any other shape you require.

Direct integraton in Windows

The calculated and captured display parameters are directly applied to the computer operating system eliminating the need for additional warping and blending hardware. VIOSO Anyblend works with any projector and is application agnostic.

Most advanced warping of multiple projectors

Manual or automatic warping & blending for up to 12 projectors. Our integated tools are perfect for quick and high-quality results.

Auto alignment of projectors

Our patented auto alignment algorithms use an attached camera to automatically align the projection and to set up the warping & blending.
Whether this is for a dome, a round screen or a projection mapping you will be excited by the versatile setup process.
We recommend either Logitech-Webcams (C930) or - for more advanced setups - IDS-GigEYE-network cameras that provides a great flexibility.

Did you know that you can set up a 8 channel dome in less than 10 minutes with this technology? Download the trial version here.

Integration with zero latency

Embedding warping and blending to any application without latency

Flexible handling and automation

Manual or fully automated projector alignment for any number of projectors on any surface

Advanced integration features

Various geometric mapping modes, support of stereoscopic projectors and custom features

Supports professional graphic boards

Utilizing proprietary warping and blending features of various professional graphics boards

Direct integration plugins

Plug-Ins fro X-Plane, Prepar3D, Ogre3D, Unity, VRED, Worldviz, Touchdesigner ... (optional)


System requirements

VIOSO Anyblend runs on well prepared multimedia capable PCs. It is highly recommended to try the targeted hardware using the free demo version of VIOSO Anyblend before buying.

  • PC with Windows 7, 32- and 64-Bit
  • Intel Core i5 or similar CPU, 6 GB RAM recommended
  • Windows 7 ® compatible live camera (not included)
  • For 2 projectors: Any single dualhhead graphic card, Matrox Dualhead2Go
    For 3 projectors: 1 single 3-head graphic card (e.g. ATI FirePro V7800, Matrox Triplehead2Go), K42000
    For 4 projectors: NVIDIA Quaddro K5000 / K5200, NVIDIA K6000, Firepro W7000, Firepro W600, AMD 7XXX-series
    For 6 projectors: 2 X NVIDIA K4200,Firepro W9000,Firepro W600, AMD 7XXX-series
    For 8 projectors: 2 X NVIDIA K5200
    For 12 projectors: 3 X NVIDIA K5200