Rock solid auto blending and alignment for any demand


Patented technology to create scalable projection displays on any surface automatically

VIOSO Autoalignment: turnkey appliances for video walls, digital signage and large format rendering

Our basic patented technology is unrivalled and can be used in tons of applications


  • Any type of projector
  • Any type of surface geometry (planar, curved, dome, arbitrary)
  • 100% automation (“one click alignment”)
  • Compensation of surface color
  • Alignment on any surface geometry with ultra high precision
  • Rock solid scanning even in difficult lighting conditions
  • Free warping of auto alignment results
  • Geometric warping for parametrical surfaces (curved screens, domes, etc.)
  • Extremely versatile masking features
  • Scalable to any number of projectors and clients (networked calibration)
  • Alternative alignment modes without requiring a camera
  • Transformation of auto alignment to manual alignment
  • Integration in third-party warping processors
  • Available as white label technology for integration and industrial use

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