The 4K-resolution warping and blending box with auto alignment

VIOSO Blackbox 4K

Realize huge high resolution displays for Simulation, Visualization, Live, Gaming and much more.

The ultimate PC-based warping and blending box

You need a versatile warping and edgeblending solution that is independent from any software or computer systems?

You want the flexibility to work with any source ?

VIOSO Blackbox is the perfect solution for you, acting as a PC-based warping & blending box offering all VIOSO functionality.
With 4 X Displayport 1.2 Inputs and 8 X DP1.2 Outputs (fully adaptable to DVI) you can easily blend multiple 4K projectors.

Most advanced warping of multiple projectors

Manual or automatic warping & blending for up to 12 projectors. Our integated tools are perfect for quick and high-quality results.

Auto alignment of projectors

Our patented auto alignment algorithms use an attached camera to automatically align the projection and to set up the warping & blending.
Whether this is for a dome, a round screen or a projection mapping you will be excited by the versatile setup process.
We recommend either Logitech-Webcams (C930) or - for more advanced setups - IDS-GigEYE-network cameras that provides a great flexibility.

Did you know that you can set up a 8 channel dome in less than 10 minutes with this technology? Download the trial version here.

Remote control and automation

Control calibration and setup list by numerous interfaces, including built-in webinterface for any browser and device

Warping, blending and auto alignment

Supports all VIOSO technologies to generate a large continious image with multiple projectors over any surface type


Supports any fulldome configuration, playback of prewarped content and transforming of other contents

Advanced integration features

Various geometric mapping modes, support of stereoscopic projectors and custom features


System SPECS

  • 19" 4HU PCunit with Windows 7 64-Bit (VIOSO)
  • Intel Core i7, 32 GB RAM
  • 4 X DP 1.2 INPUTS , free EDID configurable
  • 8 X DP 1.2. OUTPUTS (+ DVI-Adapter) + SNYC Adapter
  • max. 4 frames latency (60hz base)
  • VIOSO Blackbox calibration suite.

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