It has never been easier to display high resolution content in a dome!

Fulldome projections

Calibrated in minutes for realtime applications or up to 4K x 4K domemaster playback

Fulldome projections with VIOSO technology

VIOSO offers solutions for fantastic fulldome projections.With plenty of installtions we are the experts and will gladly help your realize your immersive projection. Our sofwtare products and servers make dome projection easy and inexpensive.
Take a look at our "Quick start" and dome examples and possible setups.

Using VIOSO’s patented camera technology edge blended projections in domes can be realized with outstanding quality on any surface. Depending on your wishes and type of dome we will choose the right software from our portfolio to create an outstanding solution. VIOSO will also offer you support in terms of content creation / licensing.

Fulldome projection

Softedge blending and warping are automatically applied in the dome.

Fulldome projection

The final result is perfect! Amazing shows are possible within minutes

Fulldome projection

Warping for video playback & real-time applications like Unity3D.

Our DOME-servers

Our servers match the highest quality level! Our dome servers have up to 16 outputs and up to 4 DP.1.2 inputs. Whether you want to playback 8K x 8K video or represent your interactive solution in the dome: We will bring the right hardware to your place!

NEW: To learn about our recent interactive fulldome server visit!

Fulldome examples

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NEW: To learn about our recent interactive fulldome server visit!

Full service

Together with parteners we can offer full-service dome projections in various sizes from 3.5m to 30m including projectors, setup and content licensing. If you are interested in an offer please contact us!

Product support

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