VIOSO Dome Projection

Planetarium Jena

Planetarium Jena Previous Next Sternevent GmbH commissioned VIOSO to provide a secondary digital video projection system for the reknown Carl Zeiss Planetarium Jena. After an extensive shootout between most relevant projector providers, VIOSO delivered a fulldome projection system consisting of 6x Barco F70 4K laser phosphor projectors, one VIOSO Domemaster Server utilizing Wings VIOSO RX …

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Colosseum Oslo

Colosseum Oslo Previous Next As part of a major overhaul of the main theatre, including a new 22m RealD cinema screen and an Auromax sound system featuring 50 new speakers, the impressive historical dome-shaped ceiling with a diameter of 45 meters now serves as immersive screen for trailers, screening openings, or athmospheric projections for special …

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Merck 350

Merck 350 Previous Next Merck Group celebrated their 350th anniversary in a 50m mobile dome with a great show including their very own orchestra and of course a splendid domeprojection delivered by 4x Wings RAW uncompressed servers running 6000×6000 pixels content @ 50Hz. VIOSO’s patented autoalignment was used extensively to align 24 Panasonic projectors on …

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