VIOSO Player 2 - Changelog

DownloadReleased 06/10/20

Maintenance Release

[NEW] Rename displays on calibration
[NEW] Camera name shown in calibration info
[FIX] Export dialog centered above app

DownloadReleased 03/10/20

Maintenance Release
[NEW] Separate Blend for Color channels
[NEW] NewTek® NDI network camera support
[FIX] no overlap applied, if only vertical is set
[FIX] numerous small bugfixes and wordings

DownloadReleased 04/01/19

Bugfix Release
[FIX] fixed a bug that stops video display after some hours of continuous playback

VIOSO Player 1.7 - Changelog

DownloadReleased 02/26/17

Maintenance release that brings also a fundamental change in license management
[IMPORTANT] change in license management; old keys do not work from version 1.7
[UPD] massive improvement of remote control features of VIOSO Player and VIOSO Calibrator
[UPD] extended network interface commands
[UPD] user manuals updated
[UPD] alignment grids for calibration preview
[FIX] fixed an issue that prevents the player to start multiple instances
[FIX] fixed a video decoding issue

VIOSO Player 1.6 - Changelog

DownloadReleased 07/15/16

Minor release introducing new features and many improvements
[NEW] highly improved overall calibration prodecure
[NEW] display of GPU fill rate
[NEW] TCP interface for remote control
[UPD] improved internal data transfer for better performance
[UPD] extended network interface commands

VIOSO Player 1.4 - Changelog

DownloadReleased 02/19/15

DownloadReleased 11/25/14

Maintenance release with major improvements
[NEW] supports live input sources (DirectShow, VisionRGB cards)
[NEW] various output configurations for fulldome projection
[NEW] settings dialog with access to many new features
[NEW] user configurable testing pattern
[NEW] nice skin for 64-bit builds
[UPD] much easier to use calibration procedure
[UPD] undo for warping tool
[UPD] improved user interface
[FIX] fixed several other bugs