VIOSO Simulation Projection

Eurofighter Simulator

Eurofighter Simulator Eurofighter Simulator by AW&F Alexander Wagner. They used 6x ProjectionDesign FL35@WUXGA@60Hz, a beautiful dome display of 3m radius, 3 IGs with 2 projectors each and of course our software VIOSO Anyblend VR&SIM to achieve this excellent result. Picture Copyright by IABG. Place– SoftwareAnyblend VR&SIM ClientiABG Hardware– PartnerAW&F Projectors6x ProjectionDesign FL30

VIOSO VR Cave Projection

Ehrhardt Partner Group – Holodeck

Ehrhardt Partner Group – Holodeck Previous Next The future is now!Ehrhardt Partner Groups Holodeck is a VR Cave solution to support their complex logistics planning and consulting. Customers can have a shared experience of their services without using VR glasses.To fulfill this comprehensive plan, our partner Viscon GmbH installed 4x Barco F50 WQXGA for the …

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Rehaklinik Bellikon

Rehaklinik Bellikon Previous Next Multiprojection for simulator and VR projects is always a complex task. Using our technology these tasks were successfully realized for the driving simulator at Rehaklinik Bellikon. Using a single-camera approach, 5 Canon UK projectors were automatically blended and aligned on the panoramic cylinder screen from AV Stumpfl. The professional driving simulation …

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Merck 350

Merck 350 Previous Next Merck Group celebrated their 350th anniversary in a 50m mobile dome with a great show including their very own orchestra and of course a splendid domeprojection delivered by 4x Wings RAW uncompressed servers running 6000×6000 pixels content @ 50Hz. See here some impressions from the main event: VIOSO’s patented autoalignment was …

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Hansa-Park Germany

Hansa-Park Germany Previous Next There is a lovely new show in HANSA-PARK Germany! An indoor projection mapping is created by four Optoma ZU-1050 projectors, a VIOSO Anystation Performer x4 and Wings VIOSO 6. The content is produced by WERFT 6 – thank you for the cooperation and we are happy to be a part of …

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Magna Meeting Space

Magna Meeting Space Previous Next The future of meeting rooms is located in Austria!MAGNA Meeting Space impresses with a panorama projection made out of three Digital Projection EVISION LASER 6500 projectors, two built-in displays, an 84″ touchscreen table configured as a user interface & a Barco Clickshare system.It runs with a Wings VIOSO Station x8, …

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