We perfectly know that simulators require an extraordinary quality level of projection.

Besides of automatic camera based geometric warping and blending, we also understand and consider your needs in simulation environments regarding arc-precise linearity, accurate simulation frustum views and dynamic eyepoints.

VIOSO has been used in countless projects – ranging from ultra-large ship bridge simulators to multi-channel racing setups up to individually tracked multi-user setups and can for sure assist you in your simulation setup. We offer unique solutions for the calibration of night-vision setups, black level correction and multi camera calibration setups, working on dome or panadome screen structures, collimated screens, CAVEs or even arbitrary surfaces.

Our software VIOSO Anyblend VR&SIM offers the perfect calibration setup methods for simulation purposes, and the result can be integrated into more than 50 different well-known image generator rendering environments (including UNITY, VBS3, rfPRO, Vires, Silab, Diamonds….). Export to some hardware platforms is directly supported, e.g. for BARCO projectors with PULSE technology.

In addition, we provide a free-of charge SDK to integrate our solutions in your own IG system.

Tell us more about your setup – we will help you with our experience.