VIOSO Anyblend VR&SIM 5 - Changelog

DownloadReleased 06/10/20

Maintenance release

[NEW] Rename displays on calibration
[NEW] Display split via scripting
[NEW] Camera name shown in calibration info
[NEW] Run script from menu
[UPD] API upfated to 1.5.0
[FIX] Accept negative anngles on wizard
[FIX] Export and Conversion Task dialog centered above app
[FIX] Using wizard to generate setup does not start calibration anymore

DownloadReleased 05/13/20

Maintenance release to address exporting issues

[NEW] Bit-depth selector for blend maps in PULSE and MPCDI export
[UPD] More scan pattern filter options while calibration
[FIX] PULSE export wavy lines
[FIX] Keep remote displays on top of task bar

DownloadReleased 03/10/20

Minor release for the professional warping & blending solution

[NEW] Major overhaul of camera scanning: more stable and better quality
[NEW] Support for Windows 10
[NEW] Support for NVIDIA Quadro RTX
[NEW] Separate Blend for Color channels
[NEW] NewTek® NDI network camera support
[NEW] MPCDI v2 support of all modes: 3D, ShaderLamp and Advanced 3D mode
[NEW] 2nd Radius parameter for "fisheye to cylindrical panorama" conversion, to generate a cone shape
[NEW] Wizard generates scripts only
[NEW] Run scripts via menu
[FIX] export and conversion dialogs will open centered on main GUI
[FIX] no overlap applied, if only vertical is set
[FIX] numerous small bugfixes and wordings
[UPD] Support for NVIDIA Quadro P-Series enhanced
[UPD] Redesigned user interface
[UPD] Massive performance enhancements for integrated Player
[UPD] Enhanced license management

DownloadReleased 11/06/19

Non-public release


DownloadReleased 02/01/19

Non-public release

VIOSO Anyblend VR&SIM 4 - Changelog

DownloadReleased 10/18/18

Maintenance Release
[NEW] major improvement of camera scaning technology (downshift from Anyblend 5)
[NEW] added a "post scan dialog" with numerous options to tweak the result of each scan (downshift from Anyblend 5)
[UPD] improved handling of NVIDIA P-cards
[UPD] support for Windows 10, version 1709

DownloadReleased 06/23/17

Bugfix Release
[UPD] enable using of NVIDIA P4000/5000/6000 cards (patched NVIDIA driver bug)
[FIX] fixed numerous bugs and issues
[UPD] improved calibration selection when engaging a hook
[FIX] fixed handling of overlap reset on NVAPI and DOPP
[FIX] fixed a bug that affects the calibration to display assignment
[FIX] fixed a video decoding issue for Anyblend Player

DownloadReleased 07/17/16

Maintenance release with lots of major changes, brings also a fundamental change in license management
[IMPORTANT] chane in license management; old keys do not work from version 4.3
[NEW] now comes in two versions: Anyblend and Anyblend VR&SIM for demanding settings
[NEW] multi camera support (only VR&SIM)
[NEW] numerous adaptions for regular screen geometries (only VR&SIM)
[NEW] powerful script engine for automation of calibration, data transformation and integration
[NEW] support for projector split inputs on NVIDIA Quadro GPUs (=> use for 4K projectors with multiple inputs)
[NEW] support for AMD D.O.P.P. with overlap handling on Windows 7 – 10
[NEW] online helpdesk available
[UPD] improved handling of multiple calibrations on NVDIA Quadro (multi mosaic support)
[UPD] consistent overlap handling on NVIDIA Quadro (Anyblend does all overlap setting and resetting)
[UPD] detailled report if calibrations cannot be loaded due to screen configuration changes
[UPD] massive improvement of remote control features of VIOSO Calibrator
[UPD] extended network interface commands
[UPD] user manuals updated
[FIX] fixed numerous bugs and annoying issues

DownloadReleased 06/02/16

Bugfix Release with some other improvements
[UPD] extended network interface commands
[FIX] fixed a bug in the installer copying a settings file

DownloadReleased 06/02/16

Initial release of VIOSO Anyblend VR&SIM
[NEW] supports Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
[NEW] supports AMD D.O.P.P. on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
[NEW] supports embedding of multiple calibrations on one PC
[NEW] supports handling of multiple Mosaic Groups on NVIDIA Quadro based systems
[NEW] Automatic user privilige elevation for autostart related processes
[NEW] comes now with full featured VIOSO Player for calibration and preview
[UPD] massively improved overall calibration performance and quality
[UPD] improved handling of activation and deactivation of the embedding
[UPD] improved handling hook settings and program settings
[FIX] numerous fixes and other improvements