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Software for playback, warping, blending and mapping

VIOSO provides you with fascinating software solutions for your multi projector / multi display / setups. Our products make the setup of installations like panorama displays, projections and projection mapping incredible easy and reliable - including our famous patented VIOSO autoalignment technology.

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We are your perfect choice for dealing with multi-projector setups and mediaserver technology.

Our patented and unique camera based auto-alignment technology is available in various software & hardware products.
Do you require softedge blending, geometry warping (spheres, curves, screen, domes) or are you are looking for powerful multi-display mediaservers? Do you want a surface color correction or project onto any surface ? VIOSO is the vendor of your choice. Explore our sites and let us know your project!


It has been never easier to display high resolution content on multiple projectors.

Professional and inexpensive video playback software for museums, shows, projection mapping, fulldome, showrooms and live performances.

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Anyblend is the most powerful software solution for any projector warping.

Windows and app embedded warping and blending for any visual application like simulators, digital signage and information displays.

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Wings VIOSO is the mediaserver to run the biggest shows and most demanding installations.

Scalable, versatile and customizable mediaserver solution for any kind of large venue, show, event, installation and showroom.

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Our project service

You have an interesting multi-display or multi-projection project?

We can gladly assist you in your planning andTipp provide you with tips and solutions.

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