We also provide complete solutions for a lot of different applications. Contact us to talk about how we can help you. 


Did you know that we help realizing over 200 dome projects in the last years?

Our unmatched technology in auto-alignment projector calibrations makes it very easy and convenient to set up even the most complex projection domes.


We perfectly know that simulators require an extraordinary quality level of projection! 

Next to automatic camera based geometric warping and blending we understand and consider your needs in arc-precise linearity, simulation frustum views and dynamic eyepoint.

Custom Solutions

Have you ever thought about the possibilities of projection in an industrial/production solution?

Do you need a special solution for your demand? Do you have a special research request?


Do you want to enable your own application to load our warp ´n blend files? Or do you want to integrate our technology on a deeper level, for example dynamic eyepoint?


We are very proud of our support and consulting offers.

How can we be of service? We are happy to assist you for all testing and production issues. Our services also include on-site training and project consulting.