Simply Powerful Media Serving: Ease of use with playback for synchronized or individual control of multiple timelines and outputs.

Exaplay is designed for rock-solid, smooth high-resolution playback of video content even beyond 8K@60Hz, supporting the latest GPU-based codecs available on the market.

It is the perfect solution if you do not require the sometimes overwhelming complexity of other media servers on the market, but simply need to focus on the core of all projects: playing out media on multiple screens, timelines, and clients, either in sync or independently.

A 100% web-based UI enables sleek, headless operation, and an open interface allows for integration into existing environments—a cutting-edge approach to control.

The integrated TCP/OSC/UDP In-OUT makes it easy to integrate Exaplay with other control systems and devices.

There are two different versions available, dedicated to your needs:


Supports all features for playback, Showcontrol, and synchronized timelines for any type of display (Displays, LEDs, Projectors, etc.).


Additionally includes the leading auto-alignment technology from VIOSO for adjusting projection setups, including automatic warping, blending, and black level correction, either automatically or manually. Perfect for immersive rooms, panorama screens, domes, and more.


Timeline Control
Time-controlled multi-layer arrangements of media, control items, and individual settings in multiple timelines.

Multi Output
Supports different targets from single or multiple clients, e.g., a mixed setup of projectors, LEDs, screens. Playback as many outputs from a CPU as you want with independent or synced timelines.

Videoplayback beyond 8K
EXAPLAY support super high-resolution codecs by supporting HAP, HAP_Q, Notch and common codecs like H.265, H.264, ProRes. Also, Domemaster-formats are supported up to 8K x 8K resolution @ 60Hz.

CUE-List control
Arrange items, add control items, define fades and individual settings at ease in the cue-list that also supports multiple timelines.

You can map each media / timeline to an individual target(screens, calibrations,  controller)  or even define your own pixel targets in a precise way.

On Board Statistics
Monitor your output quality with the extend performance measurement features

Multiple timelines can play in sync across multiple displays. Also, completely time-independent playback can be controlled!

Dynamic Timeline
Add timelines in real-time, hide, and display to manipulate in real-time!

Headless Operation
The EXAPLAY GUI is completely web-based and allows a headless control and an intelligent upload of content / folders.

Add audio to cue-list elements and balance it.

System Control
Autostart, startup of systems, shutdown and similar commands are directly supported. An open REST API allows the external controls or the support of framecounters.

You can map each item to an individual calibration. EXAPLAY ships with a special version of VIOSO 6 that supports all warping & blending as well as masking