Hardware Solutions

We provide perfectly suitable hardware solutions to run our software smoothly. There are different options to suit every demand from a small playback server to a rock solid server for the most demanding shows. 

Anystation Nano

Anystation Nano is an ultra mobile workstation solution

  • For video playback on up to 4 projectors or screens
  • Fits in any place because of its tiny measures
  • Includes VIOSO software for automatic setup of edgeblended projections

Anystation Micro

Super small, but very capable portable workstation with up to 4 dedicated outputs for visualization, digital signage, interactive solutions on multiple projectors. Includes VIOSO software and comes in a sturdy case and goes with you on board of any means of transport.

Small form factor

Up to 4 outputs

Up tp 2 inputs

Anystation Integrate

Highly configurable 19‘‘ rack mount workstation made of well chosen hardware complying with highest standards in quality, availability and performance. Tweaked to run VIOSO applications at their best. It is the backbone of applications such as professional simulations, visualizations, scientific applications, interaction and stereoscopic displays. The Anystation Integrate always comes with VIOSO software and can be upgraded to run Pixera (Wings RX) software.

Multiprojector workstation

Up to 16 outputs

DVI, HDMI or SDI input

Anystation Media

Rock solid and high performing media server running Pixera VIOSO Edition software for ultra-high resolution video playback; numerous configuration options available.

Pixera Player included

VIOSO Autocal Plus included

Flexible I/O configurations


Rock solid and high performing media server with VIOSO 6 software and running Pixera software (also including Wings RX) for ultra-high resolution video playback.

VIOSO Domemaster runs uncompressed contet up to 4x 4K resolution and is our answer to the most sophisticated media servers requirements.

VIOSO 6 and Pixera

8K uncompressed video playback

Flexible I/O configurations