High-end camera-based auto-align solution for most complex projection setups

The VIOSO ProjectionTools software is the solution you need for cutting-edge, advanced auto-alignment technology, capable of addressing the most complex and demanding projection setups. These setups include:

  • Professional-grade simulators with dynamic eyepoints (e.g., Panadome, domes, cylinders, caves).
  • All multi-camera AV world setups—we support an unlimited number of cameras and projectors (e.g., huge immersive rooms, showrooms).
  • Advanced 3D mapping setups on complex geometries, including precise determination of projectors for accurate 3D workflows in your favorite tool.
  • Setups with active or passive markers for perfect “One-Click-Recalibration™.”
  • LED wall eyepoint calibration (e.g., virtual film production, events, trade shows).
ProjectionTools’ alignment process for multiple projectors is quick and reliable. It generates calibration data that results in a perfectly warped and blended projection, combined with meticulous and precise corrections of color, black levels, and numerous other parameters. Industrial PoE cameras capture test patterns displayed by a pattern generator and then send these patterns to the software for analysis. 

Once the analysis is complete, the resulting data is exported to the desired application or device. We support countless different simulation software (e.g., VBS, Xplane, P3D, Genesis, DISI, rfPro…), media server solutions (including PIXERA, Unreal, Unity, WATCHOUT, Resolume, Vertex, MxWendler), and direct export to projectors (e.g., Barco Pulse, Norxe Unify, Digital Projection).

ProjectionTools is a comprehensive suite of software tools designed specifically for multi-projection systems. It offers a range of features that support calibration, alignment, and content adaptation for multi-channel projection setups.