VIOSO Integrate


Export blending and warping to a variety of mediaservers and compatible hardware devices

You want to integrate the patented and famous auto-calibration technology into your existing workflow – VIOSO Anyblend Integrate Edition is the answer.

Enabling you to export blending, warping, linearity and color correction to a great variety of mediaservers and compatible hardware devices on the market.

Projector Warping and Softedge Blending


• Export the calibration to the universal MPCDI – format or one of 30 different additional formats (including X-Files, 3D geometry, blendmaps and many more) 

• Export can be used by some of the most famous tools on the market (Including AV Stumpfl‘s Pixera, Unity3D, Christie Pandoras Box, 7th Sense, BrightSign, Picturall, Barco-Pulse, SkyExplorer, Uniview and many more) 

• Patented autoalignment calibration process – independent from the selected projectors inbuilt functionality 

• Supports single fisheye and widescreen cameras 

• Support of parametric (Panadome, Dome, U-Shape…) and irregular surfaces, perfect linearity by using ”real” threedimensional warping Plugins supporting a wide variety of applications

• Integration into mediaserver and hardware solutions

• Supported creation of custom plugins

• Advanced projector masking, color correction and edge blending as well as per pixel linearity and hotspot correction

• Cropping mask functionality for customising blending zones calculation

• Autoalignment Calibration Core 2.0 (extensive rework on calibration for Panadome, Dome and curved screens)

• Supports master / client configurations

Integration with zero latency

Embedding warping and blending to any application without latency.

Flexible handling and automation

Manual or fully automated projector alignment for any number of projectors on any surface.

Advanced integration features

Various geometric mapping modes, support of stereoscopic projectors and custom features.

Supports professional graphic boards

Utilizing proprietary warping and blending features of various professional graphics boards