We are incredibly happy to announced a new software package, which provides everything a system integrator needs to create perfect warp and blend scenarios in any multi-projection project. It is based on our patented auto-alignment technology, which uses one or multiple calibration cameras to automatically detect the projection layout, the screen geometry, and the colour set-up to ensure the setup of seamless projections within minutes.

The new version implements a visual project designer to assist the set-up of projects, with multiple servers, projectors and cameras. A non-linear workflow with a fully integrated 3D engine for complex objects and perfect linearity ensures that even the most demanding set-ups can be realised with outstanding quality, and the integrated scripting engine makes integrations now as easy as possible. The camera calibration process itself received a major update, with assisted visualisation, extended extrapolation features and new algorithms. Let yourself be amazed by the VIOSO magic and request your demo version of VIOSO 6 below. 

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