Dingle Wave

🌊 Dive into the WAVE Dingle Experience, technologically elevated by Metro Solutions Cork using VIOSO Products 🌊

We’re incredibly excited to share that our VIOSO products have been used by the renowned system integrator, Metro Solutions, to create a captivating Wild Atlantic Virtual Experience at WAVE Dingle in Ireland. This state-of-the-art installation transports visitors into the rich underwater world of the Atlantic, offering a captivating experience that is both visually and audibly immersive.

As you step into the first zone, you’re instantly enveloped in an emotional tribute to Dingle’s favorite dolphin, which sadly left us two years ago. To bring this touching moment to life, Metro Solutions deployed rear projection on glass using three Vivitek DU4371Z projectors. The technology behind the operation? Our VIOSO 6 software and EXAPLAY, powered by VIOSO Anystation Nano.

Moving along, you find yourself amid sunken ships and a vivid tapestry of marine life. It’s as if you’ve embarked on an underwater expedition, navigating through shipwrecks and schools of fish. This space is made palpable with a flat wall projection, facilitated by two Vivitek DU6198Z projectors. As with the first area, the mesmerizing visuals and playback are realized through a powerful Anytstation Nano.

Finally, prepare to be awe-struck as you find yourself facing a massive wall featuring marine life in their true-to-life sizes. Gargantuan whales, gliding manta rays, and schools of fish inhabit this larger-than-life underwater panorama. Mirroring the technology in the previous area, two Vivitek DU6198Z projectors are employed, again utilizing our robust VIOSO 6 software with complete automatic recalibration of the projectors.

In a nutshell, it’s not just an exhibit; it’s an immersive escapade into the wonders of the ocean, brought to life by Metro Solutions’ artful installation and our cutting-edge VIOSO products. Dive in, the water’s more than fine—it’s virtually extraordinary.

Dingle, Ireland


Dingle Wave Experience

3x Anystation Nano

Metro Solutions

7 Vivitek Projectors