Dingle Wave

Dingle Wave Previous Next 🌊 Dive into the WAVE Dingle Experience, technologically elevated by Metro Solutions Cork using VIOSO Products 🌊 We’re incredibly excited to share that our VIOSO products have been used by the renowned system integrator, Metro Solutions, to create a captivating Wild Atlantic Virtual Experience at WAVE Dingle in Ireland. This state-of-the-art installation transports […]

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Relax Corridor

Relax Corridor Previous Next Unwind and Discover the “Relax Corridor” at DASA! We are glad to announce the completion of the latest projection installation at DASA, an awesome exhibition for everything related to the work environment in Dortmund, Germany. Introducing the captivating “Stress at the Workplace” installation, where we had the honor of contributing to

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BlueBox – Interactive Installation

BlueBox – Interactive Installation Previous Next We have successfully trained the french team of NeoGraphicDigital to perform a stunning projection onto a curved screen, creating an immersive visual experience called The BlueBox. What sets this installation apart is the interactive content that can be controlled effortlessly using the powerful realtime rendering software Unity and our video

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Metro Chile

Metro Chile Previous Next We’re happy to announce the successful upgrade for the system integrator Videocorp in the projection project in Metro Santiago de Chile! 🚇 With 10 projectors, 4 cameras, VIOSO 6 calibration, 3D/UV mapping, and Blackbox for Multicam, we’re taking the projection experience to a whole new level. Recalibration of the setup is

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Lava Center – Interactive Museum

Lava Center – Interactive Museum Previous Next We recently completed an update to our incredible museum installation at Lava Center in Hvolsvöllur, Iceland, (lavacentre.is) using our state-of-the-art VIOSO 6 software technology. Our team expertly blended and aligned various surfaces once again to refresh the exhibit and ensure it continues to provide a truly immersive experience

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Whimsy – 360° Immersive Restaurant

Whimsy – 360° Immersive Restaurant Previous Next Whimsy – brought to you by #2Spicy, the inventor of “Le Petit Chef” (since 2018) – is an international 360° immersive restaurant installation. For their new show and new locations, 2Spicy invited the VIOSO projection magicians to plan and realize a new concept of entertainment and immersion. The installation was implemented in Washington DC,

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Megadomo 60m Fulldome Experience

“Mega Domo” – 60m Fulldome Show Previous Next In autumn 2022, VIOSO was called to Brazil to realize what is the largest fulldome projection in Latin America: The MEGA DOMO – a 60m diameter air-suspended dome that hosts the Christmas show “Viagem De Natal”. Together with the system integrator Hoffmann from Rio de Janeiro, VIOSO

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Planetarium Bochum

Planetarium Bochum Previous Next Our universe is unique, mesmerizing and almost unattainable. Everyone dreams of visiting and touching a little the mysterious and enigmatic world of outer space. For the first time in its nearly 60-year history, the Planetarium Bochum has made space not only tangible in the star dome, but also outdoors in the

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Vincent meets Rembrandt

Vincent meets Rembrandt Previous Next Let’s begin our week with beautiful and a very exciting story: “Vincent meets Rembrant”. The Dutch system integrator “Pronorm”, well known for scenic projection mapping carried out all over the world, provides a unique venue in the heart of Amsterdam.  Every year the two famous painters reunite in an immersive show

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Ideenzug Previous Next This year, we are participating in the Ideenzug project by Deutsche Bahn taking part in the content management and interactivity inside the train again. DB presents the train of the future, including the latest smart display technologies, moving seats, interactive cameras and connectivity innovations. The setup was equipped with a large network of 22

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