March 2019

VIOSO Dome Projection

Planetarium Jena

Planetarium Jena Previous Next Sternevent GmbH commissioned VIOSO to provide a secondary digital video projection system for the reknown Carl Zeiss Planetarium Jena. After an extensive shootout between most relevant projector providers, VIOSO delivered a fulldome projection system consisting of 6x Barco F70 4K laser phosphor projectors, one VIOSO Domemaster Server utilizing Wings VIOSO RX […]

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Colosseum Oslo

Colosseum Oslo Previous Next As part of a major overhaul of the main theatre, including a new 22m RealD cinema screen and an Auromax sound system featuring 50 new speakers, the impressive historical dome-shaped ceiling with a diameter of 45 meters now serves as immersive screen for trailers, screening openings, or athmospheric projections for special

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Boy Scout Museum

Boy Scout Museum Previous Next The Boy Scouts of America National Scouting Museum in Irvine, TX called to Zanim8tion once again for an interactive theater featuring the founder Lord Baden Powell.  Guests are welcomed in the self-serviced theater to press a button on the entryway wall. Once activated the guests then sit and watch as

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Cocolab Previous Next COCOLAB Mexico was contracted to provide projection mapping on 3 sites in Oaxaca, Mexico on important archeological buildings.  The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, the Plaza de la Danza, and the Santo Domingo Church all received custom created content following the traditional Guelaguetza Festival. VIOSO provided the system to allow for

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LinkedIn Demo Room

LinkedIn Demo Room Previous Next Silicone Valley’s LinkedIn headquarters showcases a beautiful demonstration room for LinkedIn executives that utilize a 3 wall system of floor to ceiling projection and an interactive touch table for command and control.  HUSH Studios contracted Zanim8tion for the VIOSO calibration system and 4x Optoma ZU660 laser projectors to provide a

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Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center Previous Next Originally commissioned by NASA for the Apollo program, the 223-foot long Saturn 1B rocket located in the open air Rocket Garden was transformed into a giant projection surface comprising an eye-capturing 6,528 by 1,050-pixel image that used 80,000 lumens of projected light.  Visuals were accompanied by a dramatic musical score,

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VIOSO Projection Software

IBM – Quantum

IBM – Quantum Previous Next IBM commissioned Zanim8tion for a truly distinct and difficult projection mapping project.IBM’s newest scientific advancement, the Quantum computer was to be displayed in a newly furnished viewing room by Flying Foto and Design Dimension. The IBM Quantum computer is housed in a cryogenic system, similar in size to a 55

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VIOSO Projection Software

Shopping Mall “Das Schloss”

Shopping Mall “Das Schloss” Previous Next One of the largest projections in Europe realized by agency F1 GmbH for the shopping mall „Das Schloss“.78 projectors were used with a total of 16 Wings VIOSO Stations to create this massive projection to entertain guest of the shopping center. A complex show control and monitoring solution is

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Museum of Ourém

Museum of Ourém Previous Next The augmented reality agency byAR used VIOSO Player, together with two Sony VPL-PHZ10 projectors and an Intel NUC to create this lovely projection in the Museum of Ourém, Portugal. PlaceOurém, Portugal SoftwareVIOSO Player ClientMuseum of Ourém Hardware– PartnerbyAR Projectors2x Sony VPL-PHZ10 Other References:

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VIOSO Simulation Projection

Eurofighter Simulator

Eurofighter Simulator Eurofighter Simulator by AW&F Alexander Wagner. They used 6x ProjectionDesign FL35@WUXGA@60Hz, a beautiful dome display of 3m radius, 3 IGs with 2 projectors each and of course our software VIOSO Anyblend VR&SIM to achieve this excellent result. Picture Copyright by IABG. Place– SoftwareAnyblend VR&SIM ClientiABG Hardware– PartnerAW&F Projectors6x ProjectionDesign FL30 Other References:

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