KISTI – 3D visualization Theatre

KISTI – 3D Visualization Theatre Previous Next VIOSO had the privilege to support Turnstone and Wizwave in their project for the Korean Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) to create a immersive 3D visualization theatre. The integrator used 13 Barco UDM 4k15 projectors running dual inputs to project onto a cylindrical and floor surface, measuring 9m […]

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Immersive Fashion Room

Immersive Fashion Room Previous Next Recursive Digital called on VIOSO to create a fully immersive projection based experience for a high-end fashion store located in Shenzhen. The goal is to create a captivating experience for its customers with real-time interactions between the virtual and physical worlds. The setup consists of an Unreal Engine live rendering

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DASA Dortmund museum

DASA Tower Simulator

DASA Tower Simulator Previous Next We want to share with you an exiting project in DASA Dortmund museum. This year we completely revamped and upgraded the tower simulation: We added interactive scenarios that engage participants in different air traffic situations and customized weather conditions. We also integrated videos and live radar maps allowing DASA guests to

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Hyper Space Studio – XR

Hyper Space Studio Previous Next VIOSO Warp&Blend in a Virtual Production set: The installation at Hyper Space Studio consists of a 270° cylindrical screen covered by 4x projectors displaying real-time rendered content from Unreal Engine (nDisplay). The production set is now equipped with a virtual environment providing directors a creative tool to combine live action

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Simulator Cardiff University

Simulator Cardiff University Previous Next We are very glad to support ST Engineering Antycip providing a simulator for Cardiff University, which is used for research purposes in the field of human interactions with autonomous vehicles. The setup consisting of 3 Canon projectors was calibrated with VIOSO Anyblend VR&SIM to achieve a seamless immersive display for

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ENSAN 360° Cone

ENSAN 360° Cone Previous Next The ENSAN setup consist of a 360° projection in cone shaped screen with 6 UHD projectors. With only one Fulldome Camera Calibration Kit we were able to calibrate and provide to MiddleVR software our warp & blend files in order to playback some custom Unity3D applications using tracking. The VIOSO

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Driving Simulator – Kempten

Driving Simulator – Kempten Previous Next The display system for the driving simulator at the research institute Adrive Living Lab of the University of Applied Sciences Kempten consists of 4 channels warped and blended automatically with our VIOSO technology to create an immersive panoramic projection.  The calibration and integration are achieved with our product Anyblend

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Hiker Cave

Hiker Cave Previous Next Hiker Cave at University of Leeds by Antycip Simulation is a 9x4m pedestrian simulation cave designed to support safe experimental research of pedestrian behavior. It is equipped with 7 Barco F90 projectors, a Vicon tracking camera array and can be easily recalibrated with Anyblend VR&SIM. For more information have a look at the

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VIOSO Simulation Projection

Eurofighter Simulator

Eurofighter Simulator Eurofighter Simulator by AW&F Alexander Wagner. They used 6x ProjectionDesign FL35@WUXGA@60Hz, a beautiful dome display of 3m radius, 3 IGs with 2 projectors each and of course our software VIOSO Anyblend VR&SIM to achieve this excellent result. Picture Copyright by IABG. Place– SoftwareAnyblend VR&SIM ClientiABG Hardware– PartnerAW&F Projectors6x ProjectionDesign FL30 Other References:

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VIOSO VR Cave Projection

Ehrhardt Partner Group – Holodeck

Ehrhardt Partner Group – Holodeck Previous Next The future is now!Ehrhardt Partner Groups Holodeck is a VR Cave solution to support their complex logistics planning and consulting. Customers can have a shared experience of their services without using VR glasses.To fulfill this comprehensive plan, our partner Viscon GmbH installed 4x Barco F50 WQXGA for the

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