Rheinturm Düsseldorf

Rheinturm Düsseldorf Previous Next We are incredibly happy and proud to announce, that we implemented a projection mapping on the TV tower of Düsseldorf, our hometown! The Rhine Tower stands 165m tall, which Pronorm BV (www.pronorm.org) covered with 6 Digital Projection M-Vision 21K projectors operated by a VIOSO Anystation Media Hexa server. We calibrated the tower with […]

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Westfront Museum Belgium

Westfront Museum Belgium Previous Next The Westfront Museum in Belgium has updated their huge curved screen projection of 32m by 4m where an animated movie runs on loop during the opening hours.The museum is about the Great War and how locals found a way to stop the German invasion outside the city gates with an

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Museum Nantes

Museum Nantes Previous Next Nantes Natural History Museum inaugurated his new season with a beautiful update on the Neanderthal videoprojection.With reproduction of wild animals in front of the screen, this installation will send you back to Neanderthal times and seasons to discover a full year of wild life.In order to get this installation done, the

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Krombacher Cinema

Krombacher Cinema Previous Next Krombacher brewery is already using our VIOSO technology for several years in their showroom cinema theatre. Lately they updated their projectors and we gladly recalibrated the lovely cinema projection with our camera based autoalignment technology. The purpose of the cinema is to show visitors a commercial short movie about the history

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QIDDIYA – 84 Channel Mapping

QIDDIYA – 84 Channel Mapping Previous Next QIDDIYA (near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) is going to be the largest entertainment area in the world. It’s announced by one of the largest projection displays in the world – on the famous Tuwaiq  mountains. Video of the Dakar Closing Show: Martin Professional Middle East appointed VIOSO to provide

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360° Cylinder

360° Cylinder Previous Next Unique 360° cylindrical projection made for events and entertainment by 13-2 Studio and VIOSO France. They used Anyblend VR&SIM, Wings and Pixera, as well as 5 Optoma  projectors to create this unique projection cylinder concept which is available for rental to arrange immersive testing or working sessions, team building events and much more. Thank you

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The Alchemist Dome

The Alchemist Dome Previous Next Enhance your dining experience in Copenhagen!The Alchemist Restaurant wanted to create a unique immersive restaurant experience to enhance their creative gastronomical menu. You can enjoy more than 3 hours of dedicated audio and video content during your meal in an absolutely unique and beautiful environment.  VIOSO France implemented a 10 channel

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ABB Experience Centre

ABB Experience Centre What can make the experience and show room an excellent tool to share your ideas, motivation and strategy with your colleagues or with your guests and clients? ABB Experience Centre has an answer – an amazing show room / theater on their site in Bergamo built and designed together with the young

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Dresdner Zwinger

Desdner Zwinger – Panorama Projection Previous Next A dome without a dome projection? Why not! At Dresdner Zwinger you can now visit a dome tent with an immersive 270° cylindrical panorama projection inside. In celebration of the “wedding of the century” that took place in the Zwinger 300 years ago in 1719, the content creators

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Geomar Dome

Geomar “ARENA”: 6m Science Dome Previous Next This dome is housed within a custom made 7m x 7m x 6m hangar within the Lithothek on the GEOMAR eastshore campus.A fiber glass reinforced projection dome of 6m diameter equipped with 5x Barco F50 projectors is suspended from the ceiling. Thus, the height above ground, tilt, and

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