QIDDIYA - 84 Channel Mapping

QIDDIYA (near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) is going to be the largest entertainment area in the world. It’s announced by one of the largest projection displays in the world – on the famous Tuwaiq  mountains.

Video of the Dakar Closing Show:

Martin Professional Middle East appointed VIOSO to provide the media playback, mapping and auto-alignment solution to run this iconic cliff projection.

The projection on the cliff measures ca. 500 x 200 meters, using 84 double stacked Barco UDX W40 projectors. Content is handled by AV Stumpfl PIXERA Player software running on 16 VIOSO Anystation Media and displays content up to 16.000 x 5.000 Pixels resolution while AV Stumpfl AVIO controlls all projectors and servers for daily operation.

VIOSO’s Anyblend projector calibration solution is used for aligning projectors, double stacking and mapping of the content precisely on the complex surface of the cliff – including the automated re-calibration using permanently installed multiple calibration sensors.

Though being a permanent installation that runs every night, the main exposure is the last stage of the Dakar Championship, held the first time in Saudi Arabia in January 2020. The iconic cliff projection is the most impressive backdrop that has been ever created and sets the bar very high for future events like this.

VIOSO is proud having contributed to this success, meeting all deadlines and customer expectations in a situation that has not been done before.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Pixera Director
Pixera Player
VIOSO Anyblend
AVIO Ultimate

Martin Professional Middle East

16x Anystation Media
1x Anystation Micro
5x Custom Calibration Sensors

AV Stumpfl

84x Barco UDX W40