Westfront Museum Belgium

The Westfront Museum in Belgium has updated their huge curved screen projection of 32m by 4m where an animated movie runs on loop during the opening hours.
The museum is about the Great War and how locals found a way to stop the German invasion outside the city gates with an ingenious flooding using the power of the sea and closing the locks.
VIOSO Player is the perfect match to playback this kind of beautiful large videos and ensure a smooth and secure lifetime run with the Anystation Integrate.

The update was done by Bekafun, who is a sound, light and AV equipment supplier and integrator with more than 30 years of experience in the field. They strive to maintain a good personal relation with their customers so that they can offer the right solutions for any project.

Many thanks for this great cooperation!

Nieuwpoort, Belgium

VIOSO Player

Nieuwpoort City Council

1x Anystation Integrate


6x Epson EB-L1075L