Planetarium Bochum

Our universe is unique, mesmerizing and almost unattainable. Everyone dreams of visiting and touching a little the mysterious and enigmatic world of outer space. For the first time in its nearly 60-year history, the Planetarium Bochum has made space not only tangible in the star dome, but also outdoors in the adjoining city park as part of Planetary Nights.
Now, in the era of modern digital technologies, we can approach the unattainable. We are pleased at VIOSO to help implement such projects. We calibrated 3 projectors covering the entire 360° surface of a sphere using VIOSO Anyblend and Pixera VIOSO. The mapping is played every night of the festival showing the different planets and components of our solar system. We were able to create a universe on earth and everyone could feel like an astronaut diving into the depths of heaven for a minute.

Bochum, Germany

VIOSO Anyblend 
Pixera VIOSО




3x projectors