Domemaster is extremely powerful suited for 8K content and beyond uncompressed not restricted to domes

Neue Server 22

Serving Media of any kind

VIOSO Domemaster is highly configurable and satisfies any needs for any project.

Ultra High Resolution

VIOSO Domemaster runs 8K contents and even more than that. Compressed or uncompressed. But never sacrificing quality.

Scalable and flexible

A single VIOSO Domemaster runs up to 8 outputs, that are expandable even more. Supporting single media server concepts as well as highly networked and redundant configurations

Displayport, HDMI and SDI input

Choose from a variety of input options – talking about true 4K for every interface.

What's next?

For more information about 
VIOSO Domemaster,
have a look at our datasheet and see every detail about
the configuration options below.

Of course, Domemaster comes with VIOSO software. 

Have a look at our software solutions to find out more. 

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