VIOSO 6.0.1

released 2022-08-24    –   

Changelog VIOSO 6:

New Features

  • EXAPLAY in VIOSO 6 installer
  • VIOSO 6 now provides Anyblend Technology (Desktop Hooking, NVIDIA only)
  • Project templates: Desktop Hooking, Integrated File Player, Exaplay
  • Templates for AV: Wings 6, Wings RX, Pixera, Vertex, Wachout, Pandora’s Box
  • Templates for SIM: rfPro, more3D, Silab, VTD, MiddleVR, X-Plane, AV Simulation, Simsoft, DISI, DISI X, Wärtsilä
  • Templates for Realtime: Unity, Unreal
  • VIOSO 6 SIM now provides Blackbox 


  • Default workdirectory moved to loca user’s Document folder
  • Improved handling of integrated file player (former VIOSO Player)
  • Improved Autostart behaviour
  • Improved license handling


  • License upgrade during valid maintenance

Changelog EXAPLAY (first public release)

New Features

  • New cue-list based video playback software with browser-based UI
  • Supports natively HAP, HAPQ, NotchLC
  • Supports compressed video (H.264, H.265, ProRes, etc.) – via ffmpeg
  • Seamless loop for videos
  • Audio overlay for images and videos; independent loop
  • Transitions: Crossfade, Fade-to-black (includes audio)
  • Startup handling (Exaplay Service) and basic automation
  • Processes VIOSO 6’s warp&blend files (with encryption)

VIOSO 6.0.0

released 2022-08-01    –   

 New Features

  • major version of VIOSO’s software suite for projector calibration and mapping
  • New license management
  • Project management
  • Node-designer styled setup configuration
  • Integrated process automation from Design to Export
  • Templates for numerous applications from AV, simulation and realtime industry
  • 3D camera alignment
  • New masking tool