Manage your licenses

VIOSO 6 and EXAPLAY only!

Activate & Deactivate a License
Do you need to activate a license for a computer that is not connected to the internet? All you need is the computer key that you will get from the activation wizard (learn more here about offline activation). The same way works for deactivating a license (learn more here how to deactivate a license).

Get License Information
Gives you all information about the current state of the license. For example if and where it is installed as well as the status of the maintenance plan. 

Email license keys
If you do not have your license key(s) at hand, you can retrieve a list of keys associated with your e-mail address.

Legacy software licensing

For any requests regarding existing licenses for Anyblend 5 and below, VIOSO Integrate and VIOSO Player, please contact us directly:

=> VIOSO Legacy License Support