Do you want to enable your own application to load our warp and blend files?
Or would you like to integrate our technology on a deeper level, for example for using a dynamic eyepoint?

We also provide a SDK / API free of charge to parse our data. If your application requires special attention, please contact us so we can develop a custom plugin for you.

VIOSO 6 already supports more than 50 applications, MPCDI and data export.
You can also apply the warp & blend directly to your GPU desktop. 
Contact us to learn more.

VIOSO Projection Software

Supported Applications

Media Servers

  • 7th Sense (MPCDI)
  • AI Server (vwf)
  • Brightsign (MPCDI)
  • Christie Pandoras Box (x-files, PNG)
  • Green Hippo (MPCDI)
  • Pixera (VWF) – full integration
  • Touchdesigner (Top, VWF)
  • Ventuz (wfv) 
  • vvvv (vwf)
  • Wings VIOSO (vwf) and many more

Simulation & Visualization

  • Diamonds Visionics
  • Fastlap
  • myiG
  • Ogre3D
  • rfPro
  • Silab
  • Unity3D
  • VBS3
  • vires and many more