Pixera VIOSO Edition

Pixera VIOSO

Pixera VIOSO Edition

Entering the world of professional media playout and multi projector handling has never been easier

Pixera VIOSO is a 64-bit system for real-time 3D media processing, compositing and management and is built around the key theme of usability. Users can gradually discover the options and features and can smoothly transition from being a beginner to becoming a true specialist. Actions in the 2D and 3D space follow the same basic mechanisms.
The system was designed so that users can execute the most important basic actions very quickly and with only a minimum of effort.
A radical new interface logic enables even first time users to intuitively understand the main software mechanics.

Some of the highlights of Pixera 

  • Groundbreaking and extremely user-friendly user interface
  • seamless integration of 2D and 3D spaces for fast show programming, compositing, warping and projection mapping
  • Integrated projector and LED display databases for drag and drop preconfiguration
  • Supports NDI streaming
  • Powerful render engine for ultra high resolution content – even uncompressed
  • Powerful VIOSO Auto Alignment solution integrated

Superior Usability

Seamless 2D and 3D compositing

Made to be easy

Whether you are working in a 2D or 3D world, understanding this software‘s main functions is very easy. The user interface design allows for an ultra fast learning process based on a very smooth learning curve. This superior usability is the result of a holistic interface design approach that lets users focus on their actual work instead of forcing them to understand complicated menu structures. Many important basic actions can be performed following a drag & drop functionality
Pixera's user interface main structure

Clear interface structure

Pixera‘s three main interface tabs are called SCREENS, MAPPING and COMPOSITING. Every single tab allows for a different point of view and point of access to the overallcreative setup.
  1. SCREENS provide the overview of your project space where you can arrange your screens, LED walls, objects etc.
  2. MAPPING is where warping, softedge adjustment and output routing happens.
  3. Within the COMPOSITING tab you can be creative and use content to create and program your shows.
VIOSO's patented auto alignment technology included

VIOSO Autoalignment

As its predecessors, Pixera VIOSO comes with our leading solution to create complex projections automatically.

Our patented auto alignment algorithms use one or many attached cameras to automatically align the projection and to set up the warping and blending.

Whether this is for a dome, a round screen or a projection mapping – professionals all over the world trust the automatic setup for the most challenging setups.

Real-Time Render Engine for 2D and 3D contents

Powerful Render Engine

The render engine inside PIXERA is based on a 64-bit system architecture and is so powerful that it allows users to play out up to 4x uncompressed 4K (4:4:4) content streams @60 fps when using VIOSO’s range of uncompressed ready servers. The engine includes several base level algorithms, replacing standard operating system and driver functions. Power and reliability make Pixera a great choice when playing out and synchronising content for multi projector and multi display setups.
supporting state-of-the-art projection mapping technologies

3D Projection Mapping

In addition to offering a great 2D workflow, Pixera users can also enjoy a state of the art environment for realising advanced 3D projection mapping setups. FBX import, marker calibration and the use of u/v perspective effects are just some of the features that will help users realise breathtaking projection mapping projects.
Pixera supports in the planning process


Using a geometrically correct 3D space and having the ability to import high resolution 3D objects becomes even more exciting as a way to previsualize projects with the option of exporting your design as a video file. With Pixera, you can present your project vision and inspire your customer even before your show has started.

System requirements

Pixera VIOSO runs on well prepared multimedia capable workstations. 
It is highly recommended to evaluate the designated targeted hardware using the free demo version of Pixera before buying.

  • PC with Windows 7 64-Bit
    (Note: Windows 10 is *not* recommended)
  • Intel Core i7 or similar CPU, min. 16 GB RAM recommended
  • NVIDIA Quadro P4000 + Quadrosync II board for projectors and displays
  • NVIDIA Quadro P600 for preview monitors
  • VIOSO Calibration kit for auto-alignment