Rehaklinik Bellikon

Multiprojection for simulator and VR projects is always a complex task. Using our technology these tasks were successfully realized for the driving simulator at Rehaklinik Bellikon. Using a single-camera approach, 5 Canon UK projectors were automatically blended and aligned on the panoramic cylinder screen from AV Stumpfl. The professional driving simulation software by Silab from WIVW  has a built-in plugin for integration of calibration data directly into the render engine. This collaboration allows us to use the dedicated calibration software VIOSO Anyblend VR&SIM to perform not only automatic camera-based blending and alignment, but also auto perspective (frustum) correction for each projector.

The driving simulator in Bellikon combines all advantages of the high quality technologies that are involved in this setup. 

Currently, the simulator is in active use. Its main purpose is to perform a realistic survey of driving behavior for brain-injured patients with different traffic scenarios like highway, freeway or city traffic. The resulting diagnosis together with neurological and neuropsychological results help to define the driver’s fitness assessment. Furthermore, the simulator is used for driving trainings with a therapeutic aim.

Bellikon, Switzerland

Anyblend VR&SIM

Rehaklinik Bellikon



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